How many times can I use neo hair lotion?

You need to use Neo hair lotion once every 12 hours, that means twice a day. Some people even use it more than two times, thinking it would be more beneficial, which is not recommended at all, as the manufacturer of this product recommends using it twice in every 24 hours.

Overdoses can bring side effects and waste of money, as this product is expensive compared with other hair fall medicines.

How to use Neo hair lotion?

How many times can I use neo hair lotion?

The instructions you can find over the bottle is gently comb your hair 2-3 times before use and spray Neo hair lotion. Which is not a complete instruction and the most effective method we think.

Combing is good for your hair, but massaging is more effective. That’s why scalp massage for 4 to 5 minutes before applying Neo hair lotion can bring better result. We recommend combing for 1 minute as well before massaging with a wooden comb.

Let’s give you a list of steps to make Neo hair lotion for effective –

1. Wash your hair:

Wash your hair with water only. Don’t use any kind of shampoo. If you think you need to use shampoo, then only use it once or twice a week and that can be baby shampoo only. Give your hair and scalp some time to get dry.

2. Comb your hair:

Combing helps capillaries in the scalp work more effectively. It helps the movement of oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicles. This promotes blood circulation in the scalp, which nourishes the hair roots. It also helps promote growth by aiding healthy cell division among hair roots internally, making them stronger.

For combing a wooden comb is recommended by brush with bamboos as it improves blood circulation, lower the hair breakage and cures dandruff problems. On the other hand, plastic combs cause static, frizz & tangle in your hair.

The best thing is wood is natural, but plastic is not.

3. Scalp massage:

Once your hair and scalp got dry, give a scalp massage for 4 to 5 minutes. Below is a video that can help you to learn how to give a perfect scalp massage yourself.


4. Apply the lotion:

Spray the lotion 6 to 7 times over your thin areas. And rub it a bit so it can absorb well. Don’t do or use anything in your hair for the next few hours. The best thing is only to wash your hair before your next use of the lotion.

Other recommendations –

1. Microneedling:

Use a derma roller of 0.5mm every other day. It will help the lotion absorb much better. Also, derma rolling itself can help hair growth by creating collagen in the scalp and it also increases blood circulation in the scalp that brings more nutrients to get your hair thicker.

2. Keep hair small:

You will waste more lotion if your hair is long. You can cut your hair short so that 6 to 7 sprays of the lotion will be more than sufficient for your thin areas. Also, it’s easier to derma roll in short hairs.

Final Verdict

You should always use Neo hair lotion as directed by the company, which is twice a day. Using it more than two times won’t bring any better result instead can be harmful.