Does neo hair lotion have minoxidil?

No, Neo hair lotion doesn’t have minoxidil in it.

This is a 100% natural product made with natural ingredients like saw palmetto, cucumis melo extract, equisetum arvense extract and ginseng radix alba.

It’s don’t have any chemical like minoxidil.

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NEO hair lotion vs minoxidil

Does neo hair lotion have minoxidil

FDA approval

Both Neo hair lotion and minoxidil have FDA approval, but minoxidil is FDA approved for hair growth, but NEO hair lotion is FDA approved as a safe product to use.

There is a lot of research that supports the use of minoxidil for hair growth. But Neo hair lotion is a self claimed miracle hair growth medicine. There is no research backing it up.

Only the Neo hair lotion company will say that it will do this or that, and there is a very few YouTube channels where people share their neo hair lotion journey.

So, if you want to use it, you have to be known to someone who used it and had good results, or trust the company.

Doctors recommendations

Doctors will prescribe you minoxidil but they will never prescribe Neo hair lotion, because minoxidil is a well-researched medicine for hair growth but neo hair lotion is not. So. they will always play safe by recommending minoxidil.


Minoxidil is way cheaper than neo hair lotion. You can buy at least three minoxidils at the cost of one neo hair lotion.


Neo hair lotion is three times more expensive than minoxidil but it contains double liquid. You can use one bottle for up to two months if your hair is small.


Minoxidil is a drug or chemical made in the lab, while neo hair lotion is made with natural extracts of different natural herbs. So, if you want to use something natural, neo hair lotion is the one for you.

Side Effects

No user of neo hair lotion ever mentioned that they were seeing any side effects, and the company claims the same.

Where, minoxidil may have a lot of side effects and almost every person gonna face that. Which includes – itching, irritation, burning, dermatitis, abnormal hair growth, low blood pressure and more.

So, if you want to avoid these side effects, you should use neo hair lotion only.


Minoxidil is a proven chemical to increase blood flow in your scalp. Which helps to stop or reduce hair fall.

Now please note, minoxidil has only one power which is increasing blood flow.

On the other hand, neo hair lotion has multiple abilities like, ginseng redix alba stimulate the scalp, equisetum arvense extracts improve blood circulation and reduce dandruff, saw palmetto blocks the DHT in the scalp and cucumis melo extract provides nutrition in your scalp.

So, which one should I use?

I recommend neo hair lotion because it has no side effects but can fight a lot better compared to minoxidil.

Yes, it’s expensive but it can bring a lot better result than minoxidil.

But you need to make sure you following the correct guidelines when using it.

How to use Neo hair lotion?

This is important that you follow the correct guidelines when using neo hair lotion.

You need to use it twice a day. Make sure to keep a gap of 12 hours at least in the between.

Just spray it 3 to 7 times all over your thin areas. Keep the hair short so the lotion can easily reach the scalp. The shorter the hair, the less amount of spray you may need to cover all the thin areas.

If you are bald, a lotion can be easily used for 2 months atleast.

Here are a few rules to follow before applying the lotion on your scalp:

1. First, wash your scalp with normal water. You can use a baby shampoo but it’s not necessary. The vendor recommend of using the shampoo not more than twice a week. And make sure to only use baby shampoo when using neo hair lotion, any other shampoo is strictly prohibited by the vendor.

The reason behind this is, baby shampoos are chemical free. As chemical is harmful for your hair, the company recommends using a baby shampoo. But, there are many other shampoos which can help hair growth as well and 100% natural. The one shampoo that I recommend for this purpose is Honeydew biotin shampoo.

2. Next, massage your scalp for 3-4 minutes.

3. After massaging, comb your scalp for a few times using a hair comb (wooden sandalwood comb preferred), to increase blood circulation in your head.

4. Apply neo hair lotion now in thin areas of your scalp.

5. Comb your hair again to distribute the lotion in all areas.

6. Using a derma roller with neo hair lotion is highly recommended. You can use a 0.5mm derma roller and roll it over your head 2 times a week.

How long I need to use neo hair lotion?

You need to use 3 to 4 bottle of neo hair lotion to see any positive result. Within 3-4 months, your hair fall should stop or reduced a lot.

After that, you will see the appearance of baby hair and you need to keep using neo hair lotion to get these baby hairs stronger and bigger.


Neo hair lotion doesn’t have any minoxidil, still it’s considered one of the best solution for hair fall and hair regrowth. If you are looking for a natural hair treatment that has no chemical in it, neo hair lotion is there for you.